About our ski school

Element ski school - about us
The ski school started for a very simple reason: Emma and Guy had been friends for ten years, both working as ski instructors in Verbier, and they realised that they had the same ambition – to work in a small ski school again. To be part of a small but highly qualified team of ski instructors, have fun and make sure that our clients enjoyed skiing in Verbier just as much as we do.

So we decided to start a completely new ski school.

We agreed from the beginning that we only wanted to work with like-minded instructors who we trusted completely – committed ski instructors who love the resort and know it like the back of their hands. People like us.

The result is a small ski school dedicated to delivering the best possible lessons and only working with excellent coaches.

Element has been built and developed around these simple priorities:

About our ski school values:

A fun, friendly team of coaches

We all know Verbier inside out

We all have years of experience

Everyone is really highly qualified

These commitments are red lines for the ski school that we will not cross. They are at the heart of the Element Concept and we guarantee them.

That way when you ski with the Element team you’re guaranteed top quality coaching and a great day on the mountain no matter who teaches you.

We think it’s a winning formula. And we want to show you how good our concept really is – so get in touch and let’s have a chat.


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