Terms and conditions

About Element ski school

It’s really important that you read and understand our terms and conditions. Essentially it’s the contract between us as the ski school and you as the client.

We’ve kept it all simple and whilst these points are there to be adhered to, we are also prepared to be as flexible as possible to find a solution that works for you.


1. Deposits:

Upon booking, a deposit of 100% of the total booking must be paid. A booking is not considered fully confirmed until payment is received.


2. Cancelation:

In the event of cancelation we have the following policy:

  • Less than 48 hours notice: we cannot offer a refund
  • Less than 14 days notice: a 50% refund will be offered
  • Over 14 days notice: A 90% refund of the amount received will be offered, the 10% represents an administration fee to handle the booking and refund process*

*Administration Fees
The minimum administration fee withheld is 50chf.
The maximum administration fee withheld is capped at 250chf.


3. Cancelation: Covid and pandemics

Resort closure:
In the event of the complete closure of resort we will apply a refund on a pro-rata basis inline with our Circumstances beyond our control advice below.


Swiss borders closing:
In the event entry into Switzerland is not at all possible due to Swiss regulations, we will treat it as a full refund minus an administrative fee as described above in Cancelation.


Your home nation entering lockdown or closing borders:
In the event that you cannot leave your home nation but Switzerland is open, we will abide by our Cancelation policy described above. However where possible we will offer to carryover your lessons to a future date.


Testing positive before travel:
If you test positive for Covid before you travel we will offer a 50% refund if we are notified by 6pm Swiss time the day before your lesson and you have proof of a positive test.


If a client has symptoms of Covid 19 they will not be allowed to ski by the lift company. They will be asked to get a test as soon a possible and we will not be able to teach the lesson if the client does not have a negative Covid test result from the last 24 hours. There is no refund for the lesson in this situation, although lessons can potentially be delayed if possible.


Please note:
Our cancelation policy is used to protect the instructors in the ski school. As ski instructors we are all paid on an hourly basis, and when a lesson is cancelled at short notice it is very difficult (sometimes impossible) for that instructor to get replacement work.

As such we have created a cancelation policy that does not leave the instructor compromised in the event of late cancelation – they will still be paid or partially paid. We thank you for your understanding in this regard.


4. Circumstances beyond our control:

We cannot be held liable for adverse weather conditions, the breakdown of the lifts or any other incidents beyond the company’s control.

Fees for lessons with us will be reimbursed on a daily, pro-rata basis in the event of the complete closure of the Verbier and Bruson lift systems. However, it is incredibly rare for the entire lift system to close.

In the event of client accident or illness, your holiday insurance policy or personal insurance policy should cover the cost of your ski lessons. We can provide all details so that your insurance company has the full booking information.

At the company’s discretion we can reimburse lessons in the event of illness or injury, although we would normally use the ski school cancelation policy as a basis for this decision.


5. Late arrivals:

In the event of clients arriving late, our ski instructors will wait 30 minutes. Unless they are made aware of anything to the contrary within this time, they will have to assume the client is not coming and the client will forfeit the day’s ski lesson.

As such we always recommend you have a contact number for your instructor. Normally you will receive an email with the instructors name and number at the time of booking, but if in doubt please contact the main ski school number +41 79 272 52 30.

In the event of late arrival the original start time of the lesson will still be used, and if the client wishes to make up lost time due to the lateness of the client then it is at the instructor’s discretion.


6. Accident and injury:

Element Concept Sarl does not accept any liability for accidents that happen during lessons or in relation to the delivery of these lessons. Clients are required to insure themselves for third party liability and to arrange a policy that provides for personal, medical and rescue insurance for skiing with a licensed and reputable insurer.

Element Concept Sarl does not insure clients of the ski school.

We recommend that all clients have adequate insurance to deal with any accident during a lesson and during your holiday, but also for any incident that occurs before you arrive so that you are covered for cancelation.

Lift passes and the necessary equipment are obligatory and are the responsibility of the client, not the ski school.


7. Off-piste lessons:

If clients book on an off-piste course it is the responsibility of the client to have the required safety equipment for the lesson as well as insurance that includes off-piste skiing. If the client does not have the correct safety equipment the instructor will not be able to take the client away from marked pistes.

Please contact us before your lesson if you have any doubts or questions about the required safety equipment.