Lockdown videos: The Fitness One

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Published on: April 9, 2020

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It’s another week of lockdown all over the world and we thought it was tine we all started thinking about pre-season training. Because as our resident fitness coaches, Jake and Lottie, will tell you, it’s never too soon to prepare for next season…

So we have taken a few great examples to give you an idea about what different skiers train for competition.

As you will know, skiing requires a combination of core strength and power in the legs, so the following videos should help you start planning for next winter.

We wanted some of this to be food for thought (seeing what the pros do), some to be genuine fitness advice so you can build a session, and then some that’s just cool to watch (like Andri Ragettli).

We hope there’s some that might help you develop your own home work out. So enjoy and don’t try everything you see here…



Aksel Lund Svindal: Olympic Champion


A very cool video showing you how an Olympic champion trains – there’s a lot more to ski racing than gates and sharp edges:



Heather McPhie: US Mogul Ski Team


Three simple exercises that the US mogul team use to prepare for competition:



Mikaela Shiffrin : Olympic Champion


See how the legendary skier spends her summer training:



The US Men’s ski team


The US team is brilliant at putting together cool videos about their off snow ski training – here’s another impressive one:



Functional Sports Training : ski fitness work outs


Two fitness trainers take you through four simple but effective exercises to build power and balance:



Andri Ragettli : Swiss freestyle skier

Three absolutely insane assault courses Andri built at the gym to test his balance and core strength. Probably don’t try this at home…



Lockdown videos: The Fitness One