Lockdown videos: The Freeride One

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Published on: April 1, 2020

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We know that a lot of people are having a tough time as governments around the world have restricted movement to combat Coronavirus.

Well, we are in the same boat and whilst we are in lockdown here in Switzerland, we’ve been busy preparing for next winter – but also browsing through ski videos.

So we will be bringing you a lockdown video blog every week to give you a hit of skiing as well as some welcome escapism.

This week we’re looking at freeride and off-piste – so what better place to start than the Freeride World Tour?

Well with start with a summary of this season’s tour, follows by the winning runs in Verbier last season, and then some amazing / terrifying footage from our friends at Faction Skis…

It should be about 30 minutes well spent. So put the kettle on and get comfortable.



FWT 2020 highlights




Winning men’s run, Verbier. FWT 2019




Winning women’s run, Verbier. FWT 2019




Faction: POV Series #1




Faction: POV Series #2




…and finally the crazy Candid Thovex Audi ad




Lockdown videos: The Freeride One