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The BASI Level 4 qualification represents the highest level in the British system. An internationally recognised qualification that’s equivalent to any other top ski teaching qualification in the world.

The Concept Level 4 programme is designed to help take your skiing to that level and beyond.

Going from BASI Level 3 to Level 4 is a big jump up requiring real commitment and dedication.

Most instructors who choose to go down this route are making a commitment to working in the ski industry full-time.

It’s hard work but very rewarding and it requires 100% dedication to succeed at this level and subsequently launch a full-time career at the top of the sport.

We have a dynamic team of BASI Trainers who are brilliant to keep developing your skiing towards the ISTD standard. The combination of your hard work and coaching from our excellent team will give you the best possible chance of success.





200 hours coaching
3’000 chf
December – April

The Level 4 instructor (ISTD) training course runs season-long and includes all of your training, as well as your fitness training and off-snow activities.

The primary focus throughout the course will be on developing your technical skiing, but we will also focus some of the programme on training for the teaching exam and the International Mountain Security (IMS) assessment.

We’re looking for trainees who already hold the BASI Level 3 and are committed to training hard and achieving this goal.

The course fee doesn’t include your lift pass, travel, accommodation or insurance. But with our knowledge of resort we can help make sure you get the best possible deal on all of these.

We have a great team of coaches lined up to run coaching so you will be working towards you Level 4 with an elite team of BASI Trainers.

Regarding work opportunities, we offer employment to Level 4 trainees on a part-time basis throughout the season (subject to a work permit), however we are happy for you to train with us whilst working for other schools in resort.

Please contact us for more information about permits for the winter.



▪ 200 hours of coaching over the season
▪ All technical training from BASI Trainers
▪ Potentially part-time work with Element
▪ Maximum 8 in a group
▪ Pre-course fitness training programme
▪ Weekly fitness training with a Personal Trainer
▪ Personal action planning and mentoring
▪ Weekly individual video analysis of personal performance
▪ Skier analysis workshops
▪ Avalanche training
▪ Race Training
▪ Discounts in resort



We’ve put together an amazing team of coaches that will give you the best possible opportunity to achieve your goals on the mountain and pass the exams.

If you would like to see our training programme for the season or want to ask any questions then just get in touch.

We’re happy to chat on the phone, arrange to call you or arrange a video call – whatever works best for you.


BASI Level 4 ISTD Verbier training - BASI Trainer


BASI Level 4 ISTD Verbier training - BASI Trainer


BASI Level 4 ISTD Verbier training - BASI Trainer


BASI Level 4 ISTD Verbier training - BASI Trainer




There are a few important requirements for members of the Training Team:

▪ Candidates are required to have achieved the BASI Level 3 and must hold a current licence.

▪ You need to be fit and strong before you start training on the mountain – this base of fitness is vital so that you can maximise your development on skis.

▪ We will be helping you over the summer with fitness programmes to put you in the best possible place to start.

▪ On the programme you must work hard and be committed and open to change.

▪ It is a challenge to reach Level 4 and it requires dedication both mentally and physically over the winter.



We are able to offer places in the Concept Level 4 Training Team to instructors who want to teach for Element Ski School, as well as welcoming instructors who already have work organised with other ski schools.

We also have relationships with many schools in Verbier, which means we can help you get a job elsewhere too – so you have plenty of options.

Naturally you will require a permit to work in Switzerland (unless you hold a Swiss passport), so we can help arrange this if you are working with us over the winter.

We are well aware Swiss permits are complex (especially for UK nationals) but we have a number of solutions.

So just get in touch and we can discuss your specific situation and find a solution.



Our Concept Training Team will spend a lot of time training in close proximity and we want to make sure that there is a good chemistry in the group.

As a result we like to interview each potential trainee to be certain that they will not only deliver on our requirements for professionalism and commitment, but also improve the dynamic in the Training Team bringing something extra.

So if you would like to join the team and train with us, just get in touch to arrange an interview and to chat about the options.




Verbier BASI Level 4 Training