Snow in Verbier – and there’s more to come

first-snow-in-verbierAfter a summer that seemed to linger for months the weather has suddenly changed and winter has decided to make an appearance.

Temperatures have plummeted here in Verbier over the weekend, and snow has been falling all the way to the valley. In fact snow is falling as we type down in Le Chable. And the forecast is for the weather to get really cold with some pretty heavy snowfalls later in the week and into next weekend – which means it’s going to be a far better start to the winter than we’ve had for the last few seasons.

It has to be said that last winter was a stinker for the first few weeks – but then turned out to be great.

It seems that every few years we get a late start and we’ve been unlucky in the alps to have had two in a row, but that seems set to change.

With the cold front that has swept down across the mountains bringing icy weather from the arctic, last season’s late snow seems a distant memory. And it looks like we could all be getting a rather early Christmas present.

In fact Emma and Jake are already up on the glacier in Saas Fee and they can confirm it’s been Baltic up there…

So, time for predictions. Will this be a massive winter? Will we see #snowmageddon trending again on social media this season? And will your news feeds be choked by pictures of very happy (and very smug) skiers enjoying the powder?

It’s impossible to say, but we really, really, really hope so.

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Snow in Verbier – and there’s more to come