Snow is back in Verbier

After weeks and weeks of hanging about and waiting for winter to get going, the last 24 hours has seen Verbier change into a skiing Mecca again. We’ve had over half a meter of snow and probably more – although it’s so hard to say with the wind blowing for the first night of the storm. What we do know is that we have loads of snow and Verbier has seen one of the biggest storms of recent years come crashing into us.

So what does that mean? Well, first of all until the storm Verbier was doing far, far better than most resorts – testament to the efforts of the lift company, TeleVerbier, and also their planning with a huge amount of the resort covered by snow canons.

But now we’ve had so much snow we can expect the famous Verbier itineraries to open up as well – Tortin was open this morning and it can only be matter of time before the rest of them start opening up.

Conditions have been amazing today and just to prove it Jake, Will and the Concept training team went to check out Bruson (just for you to get an idea of the snow, you understand). Judging by Jake’s hallmark whooping it wasn’t that bad up there…

The last week in pictures…

Snow is back in Verbier