Verbier is open – piste and weather report

Yes, it’s finally happened – Verbier has opened and opened in style. And to celebrate we’ve recorded our first weather report video of the season.

So. What’s open?

We have La Chaux, Ruinettes and Lac des Vaux all open – so that means the Funispace, the James Blunt chair, Lac des Vaux 4-man, La Chaux Express and of course the Medran and Chable bubbles.

So. How much snow?

Well, around a meter at Attelas and less as you get lower but it is genuinely really good up there. Plus blue skies and sunshine always help.

We’re expecting another fall of snow this weekend then some more sunshine to enjoy it with.

So enjoy the video as Emma does the skiing and I do the pretending-to-be-a-weatherman…

Look forward to much more of the same soon. And if you want to know why I was talking about El Niño, click here for an explanation.

Verbier is open – piste and weather report