Peak Leaders Freeride Day


Ski Instructor Training with that bit extra…

A lot of people ask “what do you actually do on a ski instructor course”. And the answer isn’t too straight forward…

Because, if you’re lucky enough to do a course with Peak Leaders, there are plenty of extras above and beyond learning to ski and teach at the standard for BASI Level 2. Which is demanding enough. But we know our trainees love a challenge.

So you’ll get to do the famous Vallée Blanche in Chamonix – 20km of off-piste across glaciers and over crevices with a mountain guide…

And you get to spend a day learning how to do tricks and generally look cool in the park with Marco. Who, you’ll discover, looks infinitely cooler than anyone else we know in the park.

But there’s another extra this season – ski with a professional skier sponsored by Faction. So step up Laurent Gauthier.

Now as well as being a very cool and very relaxed guy, Laurent showed the team how everywhere they ski he can go ten times as fast and in about three turns…

But as safety was top of the list (the trainees started their Level 2 exam 48 hours later, so we were under strict instructions not to break anybody…) we had a great morning (safely) learning what freeride is really was about.

So Laurent introduced the team to everything from the safety precautions that professional skiers observe (Laurent does “at least two avalanche awareness courses a year” and is a stickler for safety), to what skis real pro-riders use (answer is not nearly as fat as you think) and of course how do you remember your line when you can’t see where you’re going and you’ve never been there before…

So a big thank you to Faction and we hope we can do it again soon.


While we’re talking about freeride…

Now we’re on the subject, you might be interested in our next two performance camps here in Verbier:



Performance Skiing Camp

29 Feb – 4 March
Focussing on performance ski techniques – from bumps, to carving to off-piste.
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Off-Piste Ski Instructor Training

12 – 13 March
Two days with a Mountain Guide, aimed at ISIA Ski Instructors looking to take the EMS or just as an off-piste refresher.
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Women’s Skiing Camp

14 – 18 March
A performance camp focussed on coaching women to take their skiing to the next level – includes off-piste as well as piste performance skiing.
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Freeride Skiing Camp

21 – 25 March
Focussing on taking your technique into the off-piste and exploring the back country.
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So if you fancy a week of skiing Verbier’s amazing terrain and sharing lifts with Jake, get in touch.


The morning in pictures (and a video):

Peak Leaders Freeride Day