Ski school weather report from Saas Fee

Another ski school weather report and a rather excited Jake is up on the glacier in Saas Fee. His chirpy presentation style is, however, slightly inhibited by the crosswind that makes it tricky to catch every one of the little gem he’s delivering. But you get the idea. Thanks to Gibbo for the camera work. (Although we will be interviewing a new sound man…).

But what does it all mean for Saas Fee and for Verbier?

Well, we’ve got high pressure sitting on us right now but we also had a weather front move through last week dumping a pleasant amount of fresh snow on the glacier in Saas and up above resort in Verbier (we think the snowlike was about 1800m).

But with this high pressure the clouds have gone and the sun is out, although it’s pretty cold over night with those clear skies, and even in the sun during the day it’s starting to feel a little brisk…

As you might have guessed the rumoured opening today hasn’t happened, but we’re in no rush. It’s still October people. So relax and let it all take it’s course.

More news soon. So stay tuned.

Saas Fee weather 31 Oct from Element Ski School on Vimeo.


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Ski school weather report from Saas Fee