Verbier Powder Day

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Published on: Feb 5, 2020


After some really heavy snow and some insane winds today the clouds parted and we were treated to an amazing powder day.

Needless to say that while the majority of the ski school were hard at work teaching, a few of the team took the chance to go and ski some powder…

Of course, the avalanche risk was very high at 4. It’s easy to think about the avalanche risk cale as being 1 to 5 and therefore 3 is medium but 4 is a bit above.

This is unfortunately an oversimplification…

In reality once the avalanche risk hits 4 it means that there is a really significant risk level. In short it’s really dangerous – there are a lot of unstable slopes out there and you should be incredibly cautious.

As a result the Element team were using all their off-piste experience to avoid any areas that would pose a risk and sticking to terrain that was more stable and secure.

So everyone had an epic day skiing powder and staying safe, and the results are pretty impressive…








Verbier Powder Day