Snow in August



It’s an obsession I talk about every year, but the first snow is always a massive landmark in planning for the winter.

Of course this is just a storm in August, and a lot of it will melt – but maybe not all of it…

We like to think that up at Lac des Vaux it’ll be sheltered from the sun and every snowfall between now and the start of November will pile-up on top of it until we can start skiing.

So here are some snapshots of snow the snow this weekend – it settled quite a long way below Ruinettes beneath the treeline.

Meanwhile over at La Chaux we think it was about 15 to 20cm deep and pretty heavy – so no doubt deeper and lighter up at Col des Genrtianes.

And while we wait for more don’t forget you can keep an eye on all the live webcams here and the weather forecast here.





Snow in August