Spring snow and cracking conditions in Verbier

Spring, followed by winter, followed by spring again…

It’s been pretty crazy winter and whilst we had great early snow all of a sudden we had a warm spell in February and everything started to feel like it was going to be over far too soon…

But those of you that ski regularly in Europe will know that was a little premature and as usual just as people started to write off winter, it came back.

We had a few massive storms crashing through the alps depositing a huge amount of snow – coupled with quite a lot of wind too.

The result is that the conditions here are topped up and now we are enjoying spring conditions kicking in properly as we count down to Easter.

Where does that leave us?

Well, the forecast is pretty consistent and apart from a cold front nipping through on Monday to perhaps leave us an extra dusting, we’re looking at cold mornings and glorious sunny days for the next ten days. And whilst it’s getting warmer down in resort the snow should be staying great high up, softening off as soon as the sun hits it and making for perfect piste conditions without getting super slushy.

Les Attelas (2,727m)

Verbier weather forecast - Atlas 2727 meters

So to bring you up to speed and to make sure you can relax into the weekend we have put together a section of the finest moments from the past week in Verbier, as revealed by our instagram feed (if you don’t already follow us, just click here to see more from Element).

We hope you enjoy the snapshot of resort and the cracking conditions below and if you fancy coming out and enjoying the perfect pistes and sampling some spring snow off-piste, just get in touch.

Spring snow and cracking conditions in Verbier